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Titles in the BTW series—with “BTW” standing for “by the way,” as in “by the way, have you heard about such and such an author?”— feature work by new and emerging Indonesian writers. This series of mini-books is aimed at publishers, editors, and literary critics.

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  • A Lonely Death and Other Stories by: Cok Sawitri Rp100.000

    Cok Sawitri’s stories shed light on the lives of modern Balinese people and the various challenges they face. Readers are invited to examine the Balinese psyche, mainly their essential need for balance between traditional customs and modern-day life. But external conflicts aren’t Sawitri’s only forte; she also looks into people’s hearts.

  • A Man Bathing & Other Poems by: Hanna Fransisca Rp100.000

    The poetry of Hanna Fransisca is heavily-laden with Chinese cultural metaphors. The pleasures of eating and cooking might be shadowed by violence and sacrifice, or even eroticism and sadism. We hear multiple voices in Fransisca’s poetry: those of both the minority Chinese and all the women who struggle against the confines of patriarchy.

  • A Shooting Star & Other Stories by: Iksaka Banu Rp100.000

    History fascinates in the hands of M. Iksaka Banu. The stories in this collection feature well-crafted characters acting at key moments in Indonesia’s colonial past. Indonesia’s history has frequently been told through Western eyes. Now, M. Iksaka Banu reclaims the past and makes it come alive for today’s readers.

  • A Tale of Redemption & Other Stories by: Mona Sylviana Rp100.000

    What distinguished Mona Sylviana’s writing, is her willingness to look at the dark side of life and to confront societal issues head on. In Mona’s stories, the world is not a safe place for women. Yet her characters do not respond to situations as passive objects or victims; they challenge the accepted order.

  • All Women Have Affairs & Other Stories by: Clara Ng Rp100.000

    Clara Ng’s stories seem calm on the surface but they are liberally sprinkled with black humor and often contain unexpected elements of surprise. Her protagonists are usually women but rarely do they hold the same occupation. Ng’s stories are boundless; they serve as role models for women employed in a range of fields.

  • Ars Poetica & Other Thought Pieces by: Hasif Amini Rp100.000

    The book’s title, Ars Poetica, clues you in: the essays herein constitute a reflection on the art of poetry. With their lyrical language, Hasif’s essays are practically poems in disguise. Hasif writes as if in conversation with a friend for whom there is no need to lecture or show-off his knowledge.

  • Borrowed Body & Other Poems by: Joko Pinurbo Rp100.000

    Joko Pinurbo’s poetry is immediately recognizable for its simple language, accessibility, and the recurrent use of a number of speci c but unusual motifs. His poems deal with a wide range of interpersonal relationships, with gures who engage in prosaic narratives that are deeply ironic, full of dark humor, and interwoven with nostalgia.

  • Bui Ihi: The Cooling of the Harvest and other Poems by: Mario F Lawi Rp50.000

    Lawi’s poems are a calm and intimate read that indulge in the use of metaphoric descriptions of nature and free flowing verses. This collection evokes his religious upbringing and traditions within his family and community while intertwining a sort of confessional exploration on the role and process of being a poet.

  • Caravanserai by: Rio Johan Rp50.000

    Caravanserai is a story set in Persian antiquity about a brother and sister who are adopted by a merchant called Uncle Babar. It is an exploration of the abuse of power within polygamy and the exploitation of sexuality through pedophilia. This story challenges the taboo of homosexuality by expressing very intimate desires and accounts between the male characters.

  • Excerpts from the novel “24 hours with Gaspar A detective story” by: Sabda Armandio Rp50.000

    24 hours with Gaspar, a detective story is a satirical, unconventional and comic-like take on the generic, standard crime novel. Sabda plays with the reader as the story fluctuates from easy-to-follow narratives to the story’s trajectory and structure suddenly being corrupted through incessant repetitions of a line.

  • Excerpts from the novel “Arrived before Departing” by: Faisal Oddang Rp50.000

    These excerpts from Arrived before Departing are melancholy to read. Centralized around a family’s dynamics, this story questions the taboo and issues about sexuality, religious stereotypes, collective ideologies within a community and navigating traditional spiritualism within a modernized world.

  • Extract from the novel “All the Fish in the Sky” by: Ziggy Zezsyazeoviennazabrizkie Rp50.000

    Ziggy Zezsyazeoviennazabrizkie’s All the Fish in the Sky is a whimsical and surreal work that revolves around the relationships between characters of personified animals, inanimate objects and a nomadic boy-god figure suspended in a purgatory-like space. Ziggy writes innocent and curious descriptions that simultaneously evoke these underlying societal issues about sexuality, religion and the environment.

  • Final Party and Other Stories by: Linda Christanty Rp100.000

    The characters in Linda Christanty’s stories are placed in situations that force them to battle their inner demons. The achievement of personal insight, however, does not necessarily mean that her characters achieve redemption or resolution to their problems. Christanty explores the dark side of lives fraught with bitterness and gloom.

  • From Batavia to Jakarta in Poetry by: Zeffry Alkatiri Rp100.000

    Zeffry Alkatiri’s collection of poems is a romp through history in verse. These poems are flashes of past events that are unrolled to form a historical mosaic of Indonesia’s capital city. Starting with the Dutch turning Jacatra into Batavia, the poems paint a unique picture of the development Jakarta has undergone to date.

  • Geni Jora & Other Texts by: Abidah El Khalieqy

    Abidah’s work gives a voice to women. Women who are victims of polygamy, women who suffer domestic violence. She also gives a voice to an array of marginalized characters within the confines of Indonesian society. A characteristic feature of her work is a strong Islamic background. Her stories are often set in Islamic boarding school (pesantren).

  • Grave Sin #14 & Other Stories by: Yusi Avianto Pareanom Rp100.000

    Yusi Avianto Pareanom’s fictional characters are inseparable from their environment and cultural norms. The plots of these stories are no less idiosyncratic than their themes. With their focus on the urban environment, the lifestyles of the middle-class, and popular culture, the stories in this selection will appeal to readers of both serious and popular literature.