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  • Perfect & Other Short Stories by: Avianti Arman Rp100.000

    Avianti Armand is a writer, architect, and curator. She began to write architectural reviews in 1992 but turned her hand to poetry and short stories in 2008. Her work as both architect and author has garnered several awards and gained her wide recognition.

  • Spinner of Darkness & Other Tales by: Intan Paramaditha Rp100.000

    Intan Paramaditha’s stories are infused with gothic and horror themes. Depicted with a feminine sensibility, the majority of her protagonists are frequently femme fatales or madwomen in the attic who do not easily fit the social order. Her stories contain twists that both delight and disturb.

  • Sukra’s Eyes & Other Tales by: Gunawan Maryanto Rp100.000

    Many of Gunawan Maryanto’s stories are reinterpretations of Javanese literary texts which themselves were based on or inspired by episodes in the in the Mahabharata and other ancient Indian texts. Through their retelling, Gunawan shows himself to be part of a long tradition of self-examination and speculation about human motives, dharma, and fate.

  • The Garden of Delights & Other Tales by: Azhari Rp100.000

    Azhari’s reimagined stories of Aceh in the 17th century encompass a garden of extraordinary beauty, a turtle with chin hairs, pirates in the waters of the Malacca Straits, and so much more. The author’s enthralling storytelling, reminiscent of the 1001 Nights, makes you, the reader, ever so impatient for what comes next.

  • The Origin of Happiness & Other Poems by: Nirwan Dewanto Rp100.000

    Nirwan Dewanto’s poems invite readers to explore a world which, at a glance, might seem familiar yet always conceals something beneath the surface –or vice versa. Objects and items normally encountered in everyday life appear very different in Nirwan’s poems, exhibiting a character and mien not common to them in real life.

  • The Red Bowl & Other Stories by: Zen Hae Rp100.000

    Zen Hae’s stories focus on Betawi people—the original inhabitants of Jakarta. His characters, often presented in empathetic descriptions, are common people: scavengers, land brokers, traditional artists and the like; people whose lives and fates are constantly being tested in the face of massive development and modernity.

  • Threesome: A Play in One Act by: Joned Suryatmoko Rp100.000

    Set in a small hotel in Yogyakarta, this play is a tale of thwarted aspirations and the mundane realities of adult life. It is also a commentary on the fluidity of sexual behavior as one female and two male characters try to ascertain the meaning of their relations with one another.

  • Two Essays by: Nirwan Ahmad Rp100.000

    Few Indonesian essayists can compete with Nirwan Arsuka in his ability to pull together different strands of thought, periods of history, and fields of knowledge in a cohesive unit that is easy-to-read. Nirwan exercises a remarkably dexterous hand when it comes to bringing characters from the distant past back to life.

  • What’s Left & Other Poems by: Taufik Ikram Jamil Rp100.000

    Taufik Ikram Jamil’s poetry is filled with references to the geography, history and classic Malay literature. With their Malay flavor and diction, his poems convey a tension between the past and present, between the colloquial and the literary, and between regionalism and nationalism. The poet bequeaths the wealth of the Malay language.