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    Joko Pinurbo

ISBN: 9786029144901

Borrowed Body & Other Poems

by: Joko Pinurbo

Joko Pinurbo, a graduate of the Sanata Dharma Teachers College in Yogyakarta, first came to literary attention in the 1980s. He is known for his lack of pretense—both in his life and his work—and has published nine books of poetry, many of them prize-winners. In 2014 he received the SEA-Write Award.


Joko Pinurbo’s poetry is immediately recognizable for its simple language, accessibility, and the recurrent use of a number of speci c but unusual motifs. His poems deal with a wide range of interpersonal relationships, with gures who engage in prosaic narratives that are deeply ironic, full of dark humor, and interwoven with nostalgia.
ISBN: 9786029144901
Publish Date: 2015
Page Count: 80 pages
Joko Pinurbo (Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi, West Java, May 11, 1962), also known as Jokpin, studied in the Department of Language and Literature at Institut Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan (IKIP) Sanata Dharma (now Sanata Dharma University) in Yogyakarta. He has taught at his alma mater and has also worked in publishing. He has been an editor for Basis, Gatra and Sadhar, a publication of IKIP Sanata Dharma. His work started to become widely known after he published his poetry collection Celana (1999), which won the Lontar Literary Award (2001) and was translated and published in English as Trouser Doll (2001). Another poetry collection, Di Bawah Kibaran Sarung, was published in 2001, when he won an award from the Jakarta Arts Council for Best Book of Poetry. He also won the Khatulistiwa Literary Award in 2005 for Kekasihku (2004) and in 2016 for Surat Kopi (2015). Several of his poems have been published in the BTW series (in Indonesian, English and German) as Borrowed Body and Other Poems (2015). He has won many other awards, including recognition by Tempo magazine as Literary Person of the Year 2001 and 2012.
Translator :Harry Aveling
Harry Aveling has translated extensively from Indonesian and Malay literature. His recent works include Morphology of Desire and Saint Rosa (winner of the Katulistiwa Literary Award for Poetry 2005-6) by Dorothea Rosa Herliany; A History of Classical Malay Literature by Liaw Yock Fang (translated with Razif Bahari); and 100 Selected Poems by Cecep Syamsul Hari (with Dewi Candraningrum). In 2002, Linda Owens and Harry Aveling translated Joko Pinurbo’s Trouser Doll, Selected Poems 1989-1998, winner of the 2001 Lontar Literary Award for Poetry. He was Visiting Professor of English in Creative Writing at the University of Maryland during the Fall Semester 2014.
Translator :Helga Blazy
Helga Blazy first studied psychology at university but later on studied General Linguistics, Malay, Indonesian, and Austronesian languages and literatures. For twenty years, she worked at Cologne University teaching regional Indonesian and Austronesian languages and modern Indonesian literature. Her translations of Indonesian poetry and short stories have appeared in Kita, a journal published by the German-Indonesian Society (Deutsch-Indonesischen Gesellschaft) and her translations of essays on modern Indonesian and Malaysian literature in Tenggara, Orientierungen, and elsewhere. Her translation of the poetic work of Subagio Sastrowardoyo, Wirf dies Wort, was published by Horlemann Verlag in 1995.

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“Borrowed Body & Other Poems”

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