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    Sapardi Djoko Damono

ISBN: 9786029144185

Before Dawn

by: Sapardi Djoko Damono

Before Dawn is a poetry collection written by Sapardi Djoko Damono: with contents written from 1961 to 2001, portraying the poet at different stages of life. Opened by “One Night”, written in 1964 when he was a young Moslem boy crying outside a church door as his classmates celebrated Christmas, the book ends with “Before Dawn”, written in 2001 when he was much older, pondering about frailty and mortality. Through his poems—the meaning, the sounds, the rhythm—Sapardi has proven himself capable of depicting the imaginative awareness of experience.


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Sapardi Djoko Damono, one of Indonesia's most productive and popular poets first began writing poetry as a high school student in the mid- 1950s. Before Dawn includes poems written by the author over a forty year time span, from 1961 to 2001. Arranged as they are in chronological order, the poems in Before Dawn together form a kind of poetic autobiography. In "One Night," written in 1964, the author is a young Muslim boy crying outside the church door as his classmates celebrate Christmas. In the 1967 poem, "For my Wife," he is a young husband telling his wife that "the earth holds a spray of flowers, just for you." In the 1981 poem, "In the Hands of Children," he is now a doting father marveling that "in the hands of children, paper becomes Sinbad's ship." Jump to the 1989 poem, "At the Restaurant," and he is now middle aged and wondering about the constancy of relationships - whether two people can ever truly share an eternal love. And finally, in the 2001 title poem, "Before Dawn," the poet is a much older man, whose concerns are mental and physical frailty and, of course, death. Available in e-book ISBN: 9786029144185
SizeSize : 15 X 24 cm
Publish Date: 2012
Page Count: 186 pages
Suddenly the Night is an anthology of poetry by Sapardi Djoko Damono, one of Indonesia's preeminent poets. As is stated in the introduction to the book, "More than any other contemprary Indonesian poet, Sapardi realizes that poetry is more than convention and that convention is not necessarily a requisite for poetry. Through the language of his poetry and its meaning, sound, and rhythm Sapardi proves himself capable of depicting a highly imaginative awareness of experience.
Translator :John McGlynn

“Before Dawn”

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