The Lontar Foundation Library serves as an archive for the Foundation’s publications and the outputs of its research and development programs.

The Library collections include:

• Lontar Foundation publications that have been translated into English;

• Original works in Indonesian;

• Audio interviews with Indonesian writers and eyewitness accounts of significant events in Indonesian history;

• Photographs and images from the books published by the Foundation;

• Raw footage of and finished films on Indonesian writers and Indonesian performance traditions;

• Thousands of books and periodicals related to Indonesian literature, culture, history and other related topics.

The Lontar Foundation Library is open to the public, and is available to students, researchers and anyone interested in the literature and culture of Indonesia. The Library’s collections can be read and used for research on site without charge. Additional services of photocopying and image scanning, either on-site or by written request, are available at cost for equipment supplies and delivery.

The Library is open from Monday – Friday from 10:00-16:00, except on holidays

For more information please contact us

Newsletter January 2017

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Newsletter January 2017