Friends of Lontar

Since its establishment in 1987, Lontar has attracted an impressive number of friends: corporations, institutions, and individuals who recognize the importance of Lontar’s work and have helped the Foundation to achieve its goal of promoting Indonesia through literature and culture. Lontar’s friends include:

  • Donors: corporations and donor agencies that have provided Lontar with substantial financial assistance;
  • Partners: institutions that have partnered with Lontar on the implementation of programs or who have provided the Foundation with substantial in-kind support;
  • Individual Friends: persons who have provided Lontar with either financial or in-kind support.

That Lontar’s friends view the Foundation’s work as important is bolstered by the many testimonials they have sent to us over the years, a selected number of which are shown on this website.

Ways that you can show your support for Lontar:

  • Purchase Lontar books and other products. Create a group of 10 friends and purchase 10 copies of each new Lontar book at a substantial discount;
  • Work with Lontar on a particular project
  • Provide direct financial assistance, through a bank transfer to one of Lontar’s accounts. (For banking instructions, use the Contact Us link to send us your query.)

If you are an American citizen and wish to obtain a tax benefit for your contribution to Lontar you may also give to Lontar through Give2Asia. On the Lontar homepage click the Give to Lontar-Give2Asia icon and follow the instructions on how to proceed.

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