Twentieth Century Indonesian Poetry (2009-2016)
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In Indonesia poetry enjoys a status far and above that of other genres. It is the country’s circulated literary genre, accessible to the public through newspapers, magazines, radio, television, films and advertisements, and popular poetry reading performances. The genre exemplifies and enacts the significant ideological changes that occurred during the twentieth century.

The Lontar Anthology of Indonesian Poetry: The Twentieth Century in Poetry

Beginning in late 2010 Lontar began work on a landmark anthology of twentieth century Indonesian poetry. The Lontar Anthology of Indonesian Poetry will give teachers and students around the world easy access to the most important literary genre of the world’s fourth largest country. This book will be the definitive anthology of twentieth century Indonesian poetry, containing approximately 750 poems by more than 200 authors, and will represent a wider cross section of Indonesian poets than has ever been published in any language before, including Indonesian!

Thus far Lontar has invested its own funds into the research behind this publication project. Actual publication of the anthology will require a great deal more funds than Lontar has in its own reserves. The search is on now for donors to this project.

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