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Jennifer Lindsay

Jennifer Lindsay, the translator, studied in New Zealand, the United States and Australia. She first went to Indonesia in 1971 and has lived there at various times since in various guises, including student, researcher, diplomat, and foundation program officer. She has translated many literary and academic works from Indonesian into English, and is a regular translator and columnist for Indonesia’s weekly magazine, Tempo. Jennifer is a Research Affiliate in the School of Culture, History and Language at The Australian National University, and her academic writing focuses on Indonesian culture, language and history. She was contributing editor of Between Tongues: Translation and/of/in Performance in Asia published by Singapore University Press (2006) and Heirs to World Culture: Being Indonesian 1950-1965 (KITLV 2010). She also directed a documentary about Indonesia’s cultural missions abroad, (Presenting Indonesia: Cultural Missions Abroad 1952-1965). Jennifer now divides her time between Indonesia and Australia.

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