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Anthony H Johns

Anthony H. (Tony) Johns, born in the UK in 1928, is Emeritus Professor at the Australian National University, and Adjunct Professor at the Australian Catholic University. His introduction to the Indonesian-Malay language was in British Army service 1946–1949. He graduated in Malay and Arabic in 1952, with a PhD on Malay Sufism in 1954. He worked and studied in Indonesia between 1954 and 1958, after which he moved to Australia. In 1963 he was appointed Foundation Professor of Indonesian Languages and Literature at the Australian National University. In 1971 he was elected Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities. From 1975 the focus of his work shifted back to the field of his PhD thesis, the scriptural and mystical dimensions of Islam. He has published on The Development of Qur’an Exegesis in Indonesia, on Qur’anic Studies, on Islamism, and Christian–Muslim relations. He retired at the end of 1993, and was appointed Emeritus. In 2015, he was among three foreigners awarded a “Certificate of Appreciation” (Piagam Penghargaan) by the Minister of Education and Culture for the study of Indonesian Culture. He is currently Visiting Fellow at the Department of Political and Social Change of the Australian National University. The present re-translation of Jalan Tak Ada Ujung is a re-visiting in old age of an earlier interest, prompted by a re-awakening of memories of Mochtar Lubis, a personal friend of many years ago.

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