On the Record: Indonesian Writers (1995-1996, 1997-1998, 2000-2002)
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On The Record: Indonesian Writers

Indonesia’s writers have been instrumental to the creation of national identity, the encouragement of debate about the direction of Indonesia’s future, and the interpretation of Indonesia’s past. The history of modern Indonesian literature is one marked by incredible variety and vitality, despite lengthy periods of political repression. From the colonial past to the present, Indonesian writers have also shown incredible versatility and maintained a consistent ability to cross genres.

Numerous obstacles stand in the way of promoting knowledge about Indonesian literature and its creators: the relatively high cost of books, a rudimentary library system, and a limited book distribution system, to name just three. Lontar’s On the Recordwriters series offer a possible, if partial, answer to this problem.

Lontar has thus far produced 24 films on Indonesian writers. These films offer viewers a direct look at the people behind the books. We are able to hear, directly from the writers’ mouths, their reminiscences and their thoughts. Each film is approximately 24 minutes but the Lontar Digital Library contains much more additional footage.

Writers thus far documented include:

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