May Activities
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Lontar’s Wayang Documentation to be Archived

In addition to translating and publishing Indonesian literary titles, “documentation” is also part of Lontar’s work which is why, several years ago, Lontar produced its “Wayang Educational Package,” which includes 7 books and 6 films. This month, Lontar signed an agreement with the Central Wayang Archives (CWA) of the National University of Singapore to archive the huge amount of material that was collected and produced in the process. Once this has been done, all of Lontar’s materials will be publicly accessible through CWA. Congratulations to NUS on this important venture.



New Books



We have 14 new titles for you to choose from our newest collection of ByTheWay or BTW series.  Written by Indonesia’s up and coming authors, the books offer an array of interesting narratives of life around the archipelago. One suggested reading is My Birthplace and Other Stories by Sunlie Thomas Alexander, a collection of short stories that is very culturally and historically multifaced and describes witty accounts of people and ghost-spirits within a local community, exploring colonial, animistic and traditional traits of those places.

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