March Activities
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Asia Literary Review

Recently, Lontar worked with the Asia Literary Review to compile a collection of Indonesian short stories for publication in time for the 2019 London Book Fair. All stories in the issue were penned within the past twenty years, since the fall of President Soeharto. The result is a collection that openly challenges traditions and seeks answers to questions that the authors—and the nation—will be compelled to address for years to come.

The London Book Fair 2019

Indonesia was Market Focus Country at the 2019 London Book Fair which ran March 12-14.  There, John McGlynn, was in charge of the more than 100 cultural and professional events that were held in conjunction with the Fair and Wikan Satriati represented the Lontar Foundation as an exhibitor at the Fair. Lontar has on display its new publications, including 14 books in the second By the Way publication series. Twelve Indonesian authors were featured at the Fair. Of them, seven were authors whose work Lontar had previously published. Gallery