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Putu Wijaya

Putu Wijaya or I Gusti Ngurah Putu Wijaya, (Tabanan, Bali, April 11, 1944) is an extremely versatile writer. He writes dramas, short stories, essays, novels, poetry and film and television scripts, and also paints. He founded and has led the Mandiri theater group since 1971. He has worked as a journalist for Ekspres, Tempo and Zaman, and has been a guest lecturer at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Illinois in the United States, and at the Jakarta Art Institute. His fiction resurrects the absurd in Indonesian society. His theater group’s principles are “to start from whatever is there” and “mental terrorism.” His most important plays are Bila Malam Bertambah Malam (1970), Aduh (1972), Anu (1975) and Dag Dig Dug (1976). His novels include Bila Malam Bertambah Malam (1971), Telegram (1973), Pabrik (1976), Stasiun (1977), Keok (1978), Nyali (1980), Pol (1987), Putri: Buku Pertama (2004) and Putri: Buku Kedua (2004). His short story collections include Gres (1982), Blok (1994), Darah (1995), Zig Zag (1996) and Tidak (1999). His collection of poetry is Dadaku adalah Perisaiku (1974), and his compilation of essays is Ngeh (1997). He has received several awards for art and literature, including the SEA Write Award (1980), the Citra Trophy for his scenarios Perawan Desa (1980) and Kembang Kertas (1985), the Satya Lencana Award for Culture (2004), the Achmad Bakrie Award fo Literature (2007) and the Jakarta Academy Award (2009).

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