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Putu Oka Sukanta

Putu Oka Sukanta (Singaraja, Bali, July 29, 1939) writes poetry, short stories, novels, essays and children’s stories. He is also known as a healer, specifically with acupuncture. Because he was active with Lekra (Lembaga Kebudayaan Rakyat; Institute for People’s Culture), the arts organization associated with the Indonesian Communist Party, he was imprisoned by the New Order government for ten years (1966–1976). His novels include Kelakar Air (1999), Merajut Harkat (2000) and Istana Jiwa (2012); his children’s story is I Belog (1980); and his story about the 1965 tragedy in Bali is Lobakan (2009). His short story collections include Tas/Die Tasch (1987), Luh Galuh (1987), Keringat Mutiara (1991) and Rindu Terluka (2004); and his poetry collections are Selat Bali (1982), Salam/Greetings (bilingual, 1986) and Matahari, Tembok Berlin (1992). He has received several awards, such as Best Declamator in Bali (1958) and second place in the Storytelling Competition for the Environment in Jakarta (1982).

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