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Mas Marco Kartodikromo

Marco Kartodikromo, who is also known by his pen name “Mas Marco,” was born in Blora, Central Java in 1890. This journalist and writer was the first Indonesian writer to openly criticize the Dutch colonial government and the country’s pervasive feudalism. He is also considered to be the first Indonesian writer to consciously depict class struggles in his work. Indonesian literature was born from a nationalist understanding and Marco is seen as one the first true Indonesian writers. As an author, he is most well known for his 1918 novel, Student Hidjo , translated and published by Lontar under the title A Student Named Hidjo. Because of his membership in the Communist Party of Indonesia, after a 1926 Communist-led revolt, he was exiled by the colonial authorities to Boven-Digoel prison camp in Papua where he died of malaria in 1932.

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