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Clara Ng

Clara Ng (Jakarta, July 28, 1973) is a writer of novels, short stories, essays and tales for children. In 1997 she graduated from Ohio State University, America, with majors in Interpersonal Communication and Linguistics. Her first novel, Seven Seasons a Year, was published in 2002, and she has been prolific ever since. Her novels include Blues (2004) Lipstick (2005), The (Un)Reality Show (2005), Bridesmaid (2006), The Last Dimsum (2006), Utukki: Wings of the Gods (2006), Three Venuses (2007), Twin Eclipses (2008), Tea for Two (2009), Varaiya’s Spells (2010) and Love Drama Potion (2010). In 2010 Varaiya’s Spells was on the long list for the Khatulistiwa Literary Awards. In 2008 several of her short stories were anthologized in the book Falling Angel and Other Stories. Clara also writes fairy stories for children and has won the Adikarya Ikapi award twice, for books in the series Sharing Stories sharing Love (2006) and A Million Colors of the Rainbow (2007). In 2011 Clara conducted her “literature literate” and “storytelling parents” campaigns in a number of schools in Indonesia, coinciding with the release of Tale of the School on the Cliff (2011). Coinciding with the release of this book. She also leads creative writing classes in a number of cities and regions in Indonesia.

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