The Lontar Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Lontar’s primary aim is to promote Indonesian literature and culture through the translation of Indonesian literary works. Its goal is to:

  • Stimulate the further development of Indonesian literature;
  • Make Indonesian literature accessible to an international audience;
  • Preserve Indonesia’s literary record for future generations.

Before Lontar was established, in 1987, there was virtually no place in the world where one could regularly obtain translations of Indonesian literature. Today, more than two decades later, Lontar remains the only organization in the world whose primary focus is the promotion of Indonesia through literary translations.

Since its establishment Lontar has become both an integral part of Indonesia’s cultural scene and an active participant in a wide range of cultural related activities in Indonesia and abroad.


The Lontar Foundation was founded in 1987, and reestablished in 2009 to conform with new Indonesian regulations governing foundations. The Foundation’s vision, mission, and goals have remained unchanged.

Lontar is governed by three boards: Trustees, Supervisors and Managers. It also has an Honorary Board, made up of former board members and other persons who have worked for or contributed significantly to Lontar in the past. Contributors to Lontar are also recognized through the Foundation’s “Circle of Friends.”

Lontar has four divisions—Publications, Research & Documentation, Finance and Administration, and Marketing & Sales. All major activity programs are carried out either by the Publications or the Research & Documentation divisions.


The Trustees are Lontar’s guardians, having all authority not otherwise delegated to the Managers or the Supervisors. Persons eligible to be appointed as members of the Trustees are the founders of the Foundation and individuals who, in the estimation of a majority of the members of the Trustees, are of like mind and spirit. Trustees are expected to have a strong interest in or knowledge of Indonesian literature or culture; have a good reputation in their respective fields; are willing to dedicate themselves to achieving the purposes and objectives of the Foundation; and have expressed a convincing vision for improvements in the endeavors of the Foundation.

John McGlynn
Toeti Heraty
Chief Director, Biro Oktroi Roosseno; Professor of Philosophy, University of Indonesia
Mark Hanusz
Equinox Publications
Kestity Pringgoharjono
Board of Trustees
Douglas Ramage
Managing Director, OPT Bower Group Asia Indonesia


Supervisors have the duty to conduct the supervision of and to provide advice to the Managers in their management of Foundation activities. They have the authority to examine all Foundation documents; inspect the Foundation’s financial records and reconcile them with the cash accounts; to know about all actions carried out by the Managers; and, if necessary, to give warnings to the Managers. Supervisors are appointed bye the Trustees for a term of five years.

Eugene K. Galbraith
Deputy President Director, PT Bank Central Asia
Amir Abadi Jusuf
Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Partner of RSM Indonesia


Managers are appointed bye the Board of Trustees for a term of two years and may be reappointed. Managers are fully responsible for the management of the Foundation and are obligated to compile an annual work plan and planned budget for the Foundation to be ratified bye the Trustees. Managers are obligated to provide explanations on all matters questioned by the Supervisorsand are entitled to represent the Foundation within as well as outside of court in all matters and in all events.

Tuti Zairati
Treasurer; Chief Finance Office, Lontar
Hani Hasanah
Secretary; Research & Documentation, Lontar
Arief T. Surowidjojo
Chairman; Senior partner, Lubis-Ganie-Surowidjojo (LGS) law firm


In order to limit the Foundation’s running costs and overhead, Lontar’s work is carried out or supervised by an elatively small number of full time support staff. Specialized tasks such as editing, proofreading, website development, screenplay writing for documentary films, and so on are outsourced to qualified individuals or other organizations.

Executive Director
Hani Siti Hasanah
Secretary; Head of Research & Documentation, Lontar
Personnel, Lontar
Personnel, lontar
Personnel, lontar
Personnel, Lontar
Personnel, lontar