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    Linus Suryadi

Pariyem’s Confession by: Linus Suryadi
Sinopsis: Pariyem’s Confession is a long poem written in the first person–in the voice of a woman. It tells the story of a woman from a rural area who comes to the city of Yogyakarta, works as a maid for an aristocratic family…

Author of the Month
Linus Suryadi Born: March 3, 1951 Linus Suryadi (Kadisobo, Yogyakarta, March 3, 1951–Yogyakarta, July 30, 1999) studied English at the Foreign Language Academy (Akademi Bahasa Asing) and at the Institute for Teacher Training and Education (Institut Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan / IKIP) Sanata Dharma (now Sanata Dharma University) but did not graduate from either…
    Linus Suryadi



    London Book Fair 2019
    The Road to London Book Fair, 12/02/2019
    Asia Literary Review: Era Reformasi-Indonesian Stories
    Shortlisted 2019 London Book Fair International Excellence Award

    2019 March Newsletter

    Greetings from the Executive Director In the current political frenzy, just weeks before Indonesia’s simultaneous presidential and legislative elections, World Poetry Day on March 21 came and went with little fanfare.  Yet Indonesian poetry, with its pantun and puisi (or syair and sajak), has withstood the test of time … Read More>>     Ruminations by John McGlynn Lessons from Grandma

    2019 March Newsletter


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