Greetings from the Executive Director
The month of May ended with a bang, literally speaking.  Protests in the aftermath of the final official vote-count were expected, given the previous strident objections from followers of  losing Prab owo Subianto,  but the violence at the end was shockingly unexpected.  Yet, for many…Read more>>
Ruminations by John McGlynn: Conscientious
The word “conscientious” come from the Latin verb conscire, meaning “to be conscious” or, more specifically, “to be conscious of guilt.” A conscientious person is one who shows a strict regard for what is morally right. But who determines what is morally right? Last week, in the mayhem…Read more>>
Author of the Month: Joko Pinurbo
Joko Pinurbo (Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi, West Java, May 11, 1962), also known as Jokpin, studied in the Department of Language and Literature at Institut Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan (IKIP) Sanata Dharma (now Sanata Dharma University) in Yogyakarta. He has taught at his alma mater and has also…Read more>>
Book of the Month: Borrowed Body & Other Poems
Joko Pinurbo, a graduate of the Sanata Dharma Teachers College in Yogyakarta, first came to literary attention in the 1980s. He is known for his lack of pretense—both in his life and his work—and has published nine books of poetry, many of them prize-winners. In 2014 he received the SEA-Write…Read more>> 
May Activities
Lontar’s Wayang Documentation to be Archived
In addition to translating and publishing Indonesian literary titles, “documentation” is also part of Lontar’s work which is why, several years ago, Lontar produced its “Wayang Educational Package,” which includes 7 books and 6 films. This month, Lontar signed an agreement with the…Read more>>

New Books

We have 14 new titles for you to choose from our newest collection of ByTheWay or BTW series.  Written by Indonesia’s up and coming authors, the books offer an array of interesting narratives of life around the archipelago. One suggested reading is My Birthplace and Other Stories by Sunlie Thomas Alexander…Read more>>

Happy Idul Fitri

Lontar will be closed at June 3-11

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