Greetings from the Executive Director

At a recent discussion in Jakarta, novelist Ahmad Tohari lamented the poor standard of reading literacy among young Indonesians today. Author of The Dancer (which was published by Lontar as part of its Modern Library of Indonesia series), Tohari focused his attention on the reading habits of… Read more>>


Ruminations by John McGlnn: Amanuensis

At the end of watching a feature film, it forever amazes me how many people are included in the film’s end credits. First there are the ATL (above-the-line) individuals who are accorded stand-alone credits; then, the numerous people in the production and post-production departments; and, finally,… Read more>>


Author of the Month: Afrizal Malna

(Jakarta, June 7, 1957) writes poetry, essays, short stories and plays. He is known for his unique use of the Indonesian language to portray urban life and for his exploration of the world of objects. He studied at the Driyarkara School of Philosophy in Jakarta but did not graduate. He has… Read more>>


Book of the Month: Anxiety Myths

In a writing career spanning more than thirty years, Afrizal Malna has published several major collections of poetry and has seen his poems translated into several languages. Afrizal is concerned with questioning language and with bodily engagement with public and private spaces. It is through the… Read more>>


Book Launch BTW Series #2

Through the Lontar Foundation’s BTW imprint, Lontar is now introducing to the world Indonesian authors whose works are little known abroad but deemed by Lontar editors to be worthy of international attention. This year, prior to the London Book Fair at which Indonesia was Market Focus Country,… Read more>>

Luce Scholars Visit Lontar

Luce scholars Lara Norgaard, who will intern at Lontar this year and Lama Ahmad who will intern at the UN Pulse Lab in Jakarta, accompanied by Asia Foundation Executive Assistant Dewi Metyasari paid a visit recently to the Lontar library and bookshop.


The translator ot the book My Birthplace and Other Stories by Sunlie Thomas Alexander is Isla Winarto. We apologize for the omission in our last Newsletter and other reports.


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