Greetings from the Executive Director

What a hectic month August ended up being: literary programs, book fairs and writers’ festivals galore! And there are more to come in September.  First, there were all the wonderful performances and book launches that were held in conjunction with Indonesia’s 74th anniversary of independence… Read more

Ruminations by John McGlynn: Principles

August is a special month for Indonesia, a time when its citizenry celebrates the nation’s independence on August 17, 1945 and reaffirms belief in the nation’s five founding principles (“Pancasila”). August is also special for me because that is when I make my almost annual pilgrimage to…Read more


Author of the Month: Gus Tf Sakai

Born Gustrafizal Busra on August 13, 1965 in Payakumbuh, West Sumatra, Gus tf Sakai is a prolific writer of prose and poetry, the latter under the name Gus tf. His works have been widely published over almost thirty years and he is regarded as one of Indonesia’s leading contemporary writers. His… Read more


Book of the Month: Night’s Disappearance

In a Gus tf Sakai story, nothing is as it seems. The unexpected is always happening. Supernatural events occur in ordinary settings, turning lives and reality on end. A three-hundred-year-old Torajan mummy refuses to stay dead. A painting takes on a life of its own and paints the painter. Gus tf…Read more


August Activities
Lit Chat & Book Launching

Lontar hosted a Lit Chat session, which was followed by the launching of the second BTW Series at Jakarta International Literary Festival, at the Taman Ismail Marzuki in Jakarta… Read more

Jakarta Fellowship Program

Lontar was chosen by the National Book Committee as one of the Indonesian publishers to host a visiting foreign publishing company during the LitBeat event in Jakarta… Read more


Mocosik Festival

At the Mocosik event in Yogyakarta’s book and film festival on Aug 23-25, Lontar founder and director of publications John McGlynn was a speaker at a panel discussion on the theme of inside and outside views on Indonesian literature, together with writer Okky Madasari and moderated by Olive Hateem.

Upcoming Activities

– Jakarta Fellowship Program, 2-6 September, 2019

– Litbeat Festival, 1-2 September, at National Library
– Indonesia International Book Fair 2019, 3-9 September, at JCC, Jakarta

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