“The ‘window’ on Indonesia that Lontar provides is invaluable, and has no peer from other sources.”

Alasdair Bowie

The George Washington University

“The political importance of Lontar’s work also deserves mention. The image of Indonesia that emerges from press coverage is of a country with serious governance and economic problems and a nest of fanatic terrorists. Indonesia is so much more than that, and it is of great importance to the relationship between Indonesia and the West that this be better understood.”

Ann Kumar

Australia National University

“Lontar’s vision, commitment, imagination and – most importantly – its ability to sustain productivity and coherence over a period of nearly two decades is impressive.”

Annabel Teh Gallop

The British Library

“Indonesian writing, and intellectual achievement more generally, has been seriously underappreciated by the world outside the most creative measures we have, and the commercial processes left to themselves have provided very few translations. Lontar has become one of the most important windows on Indonesia for the rest of the world.”

Anthony Reid

National University of Singapore

“Lontar is an indispensable institution for the present Indonesian modern society.”

Arief Budiman

The University of Melbourne

I express my deep appreciation for the contribution of the Lontar Foundation in making works of Indonesian literature, both modern and traditional, accessible to English speaking readers…. I draw on them constantly in teaching.”

Barbara Hatley
University of Tasmania

“All those anxious to promote a greater global knowledge of Indonesian culture and history must remain deeply indebted to the Lontar foundation. … The Lontar heritage represents one of the great assets of Indonesian studies, and its maintenance and expansion into the twenty-first century should be a major priority for all admirers of Indonesian cultures.”

Barbara Watson Andaya

University of Hawai‘i

“I deeply believe that Lontar has done more than any other organization to promote Indonesian culture worldwide. Lontar’s role has been, is, and will remain crucial “on the road ahead”. Both Indonesia and we from “the West” are indebted to Lontar.”

Bernard Sellato

Université de Provence


“Lontar has contributed substantially to the cause of promoting Indonesian culture and literature to a wide audience. The quality of translations is always high and the range of subjects and genres which are covered are of wide appeal.”

C.W. Watson

University of Kent Hatley

“As a scholar of Indonesian theatre and culture, no other organization has been as important to my research, my teaching, and to my publishing career than Lontar.”

Cobina Gillitt

New York University

“The originality of its high quality works and publications makes Yayasan Lontar a must in the cultural landscape of Indonesia.”

Daniel Perret

Ecole Ffrançaise d’Extrême-Orient

“As the head of Indonesian at the University of New South Wales for 17 years (now just retired) I can personally attest to the centrality of Lontar’s contribution to our teaching, across universities and high schools across Australia.”

David Reeve (Retired Associate Professor)

University of New South Wales



“Through Lontar’s work, Indonesia is reaching Western readers not as a tourist destination or center of political unrest but as a nation where poets and playwrights and novelists struggle to understand and improve the human condition of our time.”

Deborah Cole

University of Texas, Pan American

“Lontar has made Indonesian literature accessible to the international reading community… Lontar’s name is now known in the region as a publisher of quality works.”

Dewi Anggraeni

Asialink Literature Committee

“Today, as a result of the pervasive lack of discrimination in the West when labelling Islam and bracketing Muslims, Lontar’s work is especially important. The work it does goes a long way towards rebutting the negative type-casting that Indonesian intellectuals and artists perceive to receive from abroad.”

E. Ulrich Kratz

SOAS University of London


“One of the happiest moments in my professional life as an Indonesian poet came when, in 1991, Lontar published On Foreign Shores and Walking Westward in the Morning. … I am proud of being associated with The Lontar Foundation, for its strong commitment, hard work, efficiency and effectiveness in putting the Indonesian cultural heritage to the world.”

Eka Budianta


“Everybody who is interested in exploring Indonesian literature and cultural traditions and in making it known within Indonesia and in the English-speaking world will appreciate Lontar’s achievements in translating and skillfully publishing some of its finest works.”

Elisabeth Soeprapto-Hastrich


“The Lontar Foundation, with its high quality books and its support for the promotion of Indonesian art and culture, provides an essential and unique service.”

Gabrielle Lord




“I cannot think of an organization that has done more for the stimulation and preservation of literature and the manuscript arts in Indonesia than Lontar. …The Lontar Foundation deserves accolades for its distinguished work.”

Helen Jessup

Scholar and curator of Southeast Asian art

“I have been acquainted with Lontar’s publications since the Foundation’s beginnings, and I have nothing but praise for its remarkable activities in that field…. I have always been struck by the originality, the quality and the boldness of Lontar’s enterprises.”

Henri Chambert-Loir

Ecole francaise d’Extreme-Orient

“The Lontar Foundation effort to introduce Indonesian literature to the international public through translations is a high-minded and serious effort that needed to be supported.”






“As someone who fell in love with Indonesia rather late in my academic career, I am profoundly grateful to the Lontar Foundation for giving me access to these wonderful works of literature. From Pramoedya Ananta Toer to Goenawan Mohamad, the writers that Lontar have translated and published are some of the most important in modern Indonesia. Now that I can read the originals in Indonesian, I am all the more impressed with the high quality of the translations.”

Janet Steele

George Washington University

“The Lontar foundation occupies a unique position in the world of Indonesian publishing.”

Jean Couteau Author,

Art critic

“Lontar publications provide an important means for understanding Indonesia’s many cultures and societies, both for Indonesians and for students and specialists in Indonesian Studies. I regularly include Lontar translations on reading lists for students in my courses on Southeast Asian history and specialized seminars in Indonesian history.”

Jean Gelman Taylor

University of New South Wales





“Lontar’s clear mission, high standards, and deep dedication have resulted in some of the finest translations of Indonesian literature, poetry, essays, and oral arts, I have ever seen.”

Jody Diamond

Dartmouth College

“I know of no other organization that has done so much to preserve past riches of Indonesian culture, and to promote at home and abroad the vitality of its contemporary artists and writers. Thank you, Lontar!”

John MacDougall

Agence France-Presse

“I have permanent bonds to Indonesia in the form of an Indonesian wife and family. Thus I am well qualified to judge and praise the work which has been so diligently carried out by the Lontar Foundation.”

Joseph A. Weinstock

Asian Development Bank






“Having had contact with Lontar over the years and having made use of the organization’s enormous resource materials, I think it is safe to say that there is no organization like this in Indonesia. The work Lontar is doing has become increasingly important as world tensions increase and cultural misunderstanding surrounds us.”

Judy Mitoma

University of California at Los Angeles

“I have benefited deeply from the publications and buy them for the UCSC library. I assign their translations to my students. Lontar is an important resource of material on Southeast Asia.”

Kathy Foley

U. of California at Santa Cruz

“Lontar deserves thanks for doing such a great job of bringing Indonesian literary and cultural work to a world-wide English-speaking audience. … Lontar’s work is unique in that it speaks both to the specialist audience and the general public.”

Krishna Sen

Curtin University

“I have the highest praise for the works that Lontar has published and I urge Ford to continue to support the work of this most important publishing house. In these difficult political times of global tensions and misunderstandings, the work of organizations like the Lontar Foundation become crucial to the hope for international peace and co-operation.”

Laurie J. Sears

University of Washington

“We, [at the National Arts Council of Singapore] are really impressed by the good work Lontar does in promoting Indonesian literature abroad through the steady publication of Indonesian literary titles in English translation and through a number of public events.”

Louise Mak

National Arts Council

“I am always impressed by the quality of Lontar’s publications which aim at the highest standard of both content and shape. It selects only the best works in Indonesian literature for translation. The books are always of the highest standard of design too.”

Marco Kusumawijaya

“I can’t say enough about what Lontar’s work and existence have meant to me personally and professionally. I know many of my students have had a much richer experience studying Indonesia and its cultures as a result.”

Michael Bodden

University of Victoria

“As a journalist, I have found these publications to be profoundly valuable not only to my work, but also to my understanding of the beauty and complexities of this wonderful country and its people and culture.”

Nancy-Amelia Collins


“In my capacity as both a scholar and a teacher of Indonesian literature, I have relied heavily on the Lontar Foundation over the last fourteen years. … I am consistently impressed by the variety of projects that Lontar has developed. I have the greatest respect for the Lontar Foundation and I believe it has a vital role to play in the dissemination of understanding of Indonesian literature and culture.”

Pamela Allen

University of Tasmania

“I teach courses in Indonesian Literature and Southeast Asian Literature in translation here at Northern Illinois University, something made possible in large part by Lontar’s high quality work, which I assign on a regular basis.”

Patricia B. Henry

Northern Illinois University

“There is no doubt that the Lontar Foundation is one of Indonesia’s precious cultural treasures, without which that country–indeed the whole world–would be much poorer.”

Patrick Kavanagh


“Lontar has done a lot for the field of language and literature studies, and codicology of Indonesia; it deserves a permanent spot on the scholarly map of the Indonesian islands.”

René Teijgeler


“As an academic I am truly grateful of the many indigenous sources that have been made accessible by Lontar’s publications, translations, and documentary efforts. These are truly everlasting products. … Lontar is an invaluable asset for understanding Indonesia.”

Roger Tol

Lontar’s publications have been one revelation after another. ….There’s no other organization remotely like it in Indonesia or outside, and it deserves all the support it can get.

Sidney Jones

“Because of Lontar, the literature of Indonesia is vastly more represented in world literature anthologies than any other national literatures of the region.”

Teri Shaffer Yamada

California State University, Long Beach





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