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    Haji Mukti

ISBN: 9786029144130

The Saga of Siti Mariah

by: Haji Mukti

The Saga of Siti Mariah by Haji Mukti is a window into the workings of cultuurstelsel, a forced cultivation system imposed by the Dutch colonial government in the Dutch East Indies around the 1830s to the 1870s. Embedded in the pages of the book are the lives of Dutch sugar barons, the indigenous elite, European officials, and Chinese middlemen who became rich under the system, intersected by Javanese peasants who suffered under its yoke



The novel details the crushing 19th century Dutch colonial system of “Forced Cultivation”, and the particular cruelty that pretty Javanese peasant women had to endure; they were little more than chattel, sometimes cherished, other times useful tools, to be passed from Dutch barons to Chinese middlemen to local elites. Written in Malay, Mukti’s book is one of the first novels written by an Indonesian in opposition to colonial authority. In 2013, the book’s translator, the late Catherine Manning Muir, received a “Best Translation Award” in Australia.(William Gibson in http://www.popmatters.com/tools/print/189981/)

ISBN: 9786029144130
Publish Date: 2013
Page Count: 404 pages
Catherine Manning Muir was born and raised in Philadelphia and, after a career in state and federal civil service, emigrated to Australia in 1989. She studied Indonesian language and culture at the University of New South Wales, the Teachers’ Training Institute (Institut Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan) in Padang, West Sumatra, and the University of New England between 1994 and 1997, and was accredited by the National Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) in December of that year, working in freelance/contract translation and interpreting since that time. Her publications include the English translation of the Almanac of Indonesian Security Sector Reform 2007, published by the Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) and the Indonesian Institute for Defense and Strategic Studies (LESPERSSI), and the Indonesian translation of the DCAF Security Sector Reform and Gender Toolkit, published by the Institute for Defense, Security and Peace Studies (IDSPS). Catherine’s educational qualifications include B.A. summa cum laude, Temple University, Philadelphia (1975), Graduate Diploma of Education, University of New England, Armidale (2000) and B.Ed., Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane (2005). Catherine and her husband live in Mildura, Victoria, Australia.

“The Saga of Siti Mariah”

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