The Lontar Foundation, in cooperation with KMRG/ITB has developed the Lontar Digital Library system which had its initial launch in June 2012 in Makassar.

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We will be adding more information about Lontar authors, books, videos and other resources over time and welcome your feedback at  Thank you.

Similar to the objectives of the Lontar Foundation, the Lontar Digital Library seeks to

  • Provide access to Indonesian literature, history and culture;
  • Expand the volume and variety of Indonesian literature and cultural content on the Internet; and,
  • Provide resources for educators, scholars, and general audiences.

The Lontar Digital Library provides preservation and access to materials produced and gathered by the foundation over its 30+ year history including:

  • Books and journals: publications by Lontar, Amanah and Godown (imprints of the Lontar Foundation), as well as information about Lontar’s library holdings (a collections of over 3,000 books and other research materials related to Indonesian history, literature, drama, language, poetry and other topics.
  • Video: films from the Indonesian Writers Series, Indonesian Performance Traditions, and Wayang Kulit/Shadow Puppet Theater Series
  • Audio:  interviews and recordings with Indonesian authors and witnesses from significant events in Indonesian history.
  • Images: archival photographs of traditional manuscripts, colonial-era postcards, and historical images from the New Order to the present.

The Lontar Digital library will allow users to search for materials by title, author, subject and type, as well as browse materials by collection title.  All materials produced by Lontar will be preserved in high-resolution digital format.  Previews and brief clips will be made available online.

The Lontar Digital Library uses linked data and the Semantic Web to share information about our collections with the online community on the Internet.  You can find information about Lontar materials and authors in FreebaseOpenLibrary andWikipedia.

The Lontar Digital Library is grateful for the support of the following donors:

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