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When a country must fight to gain its independence, heroes are made. Thus, in Indonesia, November 10 is commemorated as National Heroes’ Day in recognition of the brave men and women who joined the struggle against the Dutch colonial government. The date refers to.. Read More>>

Ruminatioons by John McGlynn: Waiting for a Teeuw

Andries “Hans” Teeuw was born in the Netherlands in 1921 and came to study in Indonesia in 1947. With the country in chaos and the Dutch military trying to forcibly regain the “East Indies” as a colony, I have no idea why any sane young man would have willingly come to… Read More>>

November Activities  
Lontar supported the NAILA (National Australia Indonesia Language) Awards 2018, an annual competition that fosters and rewards the learning of Indonesian at all levels in Australia. Books published by Lontar were awarded to the winners of the competition, one of them being Iven Manning, a former intern at Lontar. Congratulations, Iven. We are proud of you!
Payokumbuah Literary Festival
Some 20 national literary figures along with 64 of their West Sumatra counterparts shared views and knowledge at the Payokumbuah Literary Festival 2018, held at the town of Payakumbuh on November 13-15. The festival featured a number of discussions, literature appreciation and reading of literary works as well  read more>>
Lontar Foundation director of programs, John McGlynn participated at this annual event in Malaysia as the main speaker at a workshop on the intricacy and artistry of translating. The theme was the book Laut Bercerita  (read more>>)
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