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Unlike the internationally-known Mothers Day which falls on the second Sunday of May, Mothers Day (Hari Ibu) in Indonesia is celebrated on December 22.  While the two versions celebrate mothers and motherhood everywhere, in Indonesia Mothers Day has its origins in 1938, when the first Indonesian Women’s Congress was held in Yogyakarta >> Read more

Ruminations by John McGlynn

In Jakarta, when Idul Fitri comes around, most of the friends my age, who are (or were raised Muslim), speak wistfully about traditions surrounding that holiday—mudik, for instance, when most every Muslim who was not born in Jakarta returns to his birthplace, causing massive traffic jams on the roads of Java;takbiran, the night before Idul Fitri >> Read more


 Author of the Month: Nh. Dini

Nh Dini, born as Nurhayati Srihardini Siti Nukatin in Semarang, Central Java in 1936, passed away on December 4, 2018, in a tragic car accident near her home. Nh Dini showed early literary promise at fifteen years of age when her poems were read on national radio >> Read more


Book of the Month
by Nh. Dini
Translated by Toni Pollard
Rp. 175.000
Amazon: $21
 December Activities
Indonesian Literature in French

Last November, Lontar in collaboration with Jentayu Editions published in France an anthology of works written by 20 Indonesian writers >> Read more

Festival of Traditional Arts

On December 10-14 in Pekanbaru, Riau, the ASEAN Festival of Traditional Arts and Oral Literature was held, attended by participants from around the region. Along with Lontar were speakers such as Robert Sibarani, Kartini Nurdin, Dr. Asrif and Clara Gilbert.

 Wikilatih Bandung

One of Lontar’s efforts to introduce and promote Indonesian writers is making available biographical information on writers accessible online. Collaborating with Indonesia Wikimedia. Lontar held a training session on December 15, with 14 participants taking part, among them lecturers, students and the general public. This time around, the program focused on writers originating from West Java.

   KAPAL’s First Indonesian Studies Conference Held In Kyoto, Japan

KAPAL (Kelompok Pemerhati dan Peneliti Indonesia di Jepang/Colloquium on Indonesian Studies in Japan) held their first conference in Kyoto on December 16.  Among the 150 or so participants presenting papers was Yumiko Himemoto, on the subject of Idrus and Takeda Rintaro during the Pacific War in Asia.  Yumiko referred to an article titled “Idrus: 1921-1979” written by Martyn Cove, which appears in Menagerie 3, a book published by Lontar.

 Dear Lontar’s Friends,
Best wishes for a happy and successful 2019

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